Repairs and Revisions

The lifetime of complex devices can be considerably extended by periodically performed repairs and a preventive maintenance schedule

Having a very well equipped workshop, we are naturally also available for on-site repairs. In the workshop of Rosbeek Techniek old and new technology come together. Analogue oriented machines in the form of projectors, individual specific parts, scanners and assembly tables in all film formats exist side by side with state-of-art digital equipment. Especially when it comes to older projection equipment, sophisticated repairs, alterations or completely newly designed components will bring new life to older machines. If replacement parts are no longer available, we manufacture these components in house if necessary, in accordance with applicable specifications. Officially appointed dealers of major manufacturers, we can provide all the necessary equipment for your cinema and are fully devoted to our customer’s requirements. Rosbeek Techniek understands that in this specialised field one cannot afford a “nine to five” mentality, so we are available to our customers at all times.

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