Filmarchieve and Showroom

The non-profit 35mm film archive of Rosbeek Techniek (aka Rosbeek International Cinema Technology) includes hundreds of historically interesting titles. News reels, documentaries and feature films: A balanced collection which is divided into genres and sub-genres. There is film material from known and unknown directors, creators of blockbusters and ‘cult movies', in nice black and white and authentic DyeTechnicolor. Filmed in various 'aspect ratio’s ', from Academy format through Wide-Screen, CinemaScope and VistaVision. Upon request, students, film historians and other parties interested in the history of cinematography can have access to our archive. Selected material will gladly be shown in our “state-of-the-art “showroom at Rosbeek International Cinema Technology headquarters in Rijswijk. Interested parties are invited to contact our office manager.

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