Our screening room

Booth equipment: Projection room Rosbeek Techniek

2x Bauer BN12R8 35mm projector with 6000-feet spool boxes. Modified for three-blade shutter. S/N: 9L134 and 9L137.
2x Bauer TN12R3 optical sound head. Modified for cyaan track’s. S/N: 6L66 and 6L68.
2x Bauer BL9X2/5 lamp house with 900 Watt vertical bulb. S/N: 11R30 and 11R36. One lamp house is equipped with a Bauer BD 3/1 Dialux III slide projector for use of 82 x 82 mm slides.
2x Dolby CAT.700 SRD reader. S/N: 502946 and 502967
2x Kinoton KEX110G Xenon Power Supply. S/N: KEA0732 and KEA0733
1x Ernemat 800 Automation System
2x Schneider Kreuznach VP Cinelux 1:2.0/43,4…46,9 (1:1,85)
2x Schneider Kreuznach Première 1,7/50 (1:1,66)
2x Schneider Kreuznach Première 1,7/65 (1:2,39)
2x Isco Cinemascope Attachment Blue-Star High Definition
1x Isco Projar 1:1,5/300 (slide projector)
1x Sony VPL-HW50ES video projector 1700 ANSI lumens. S/N 1000590
1x Harkness Screens Perlux 140+MPS (super mini perf) projection screen. 1300 x 3050 (mm)

Audio equipment: Screening room Rosbeek Techniek

1x Dolby CP650EX Cinema Sound Processor
1x Dolby CP65 Cinema Sound Processor
2x EAW MX100 Cross-over
3x EAW HK200 Mid/High 90° x 90° Cinema Speaker System
3x EAW BV153 Low Frequentie Speaker System
4x EAW SMS2990 90Hz/20kHz, 90° x 90° Surround Speaker System
3x LAB. Gruppen iP450 Power Amplifier (left, centre, right)
2x QSC 1200 Power Amplifier (LS, RS, BSl, BSr)
1x REL Stadium II Sub Bass System
1x Oppo BDP-105EU Blu-ray Disc Player
1x Sony CDP-D11 Compact Disc Player
1x Tascam 52 2-Track Recorder/Reproducer 7½ ips/15 ips




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