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The international reputation of Rosbeek Technology is based on decades experience and proven expertise, combined

with flexibility and reliability.
Installation and maintenance of all types of 35mm and 70mm film projectors including associated sound equipment is the core business of this Dutch company.

Extensive renovation projects and perfect alignment of projection room equipment, both in analogue and digital set-ups, has led to a reputation we’re justly proud of. Rosbeek International Cinema Technology focuses primarily on European film institutes and museums. Apart from numerous projects in the Netherlands (including the EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam) to major innovative work on projection equipment in Norway (Norwegian Film Institute, Oslo). Rosbeek International Cinema Technology has considerable expertise in matters relating to motion picture film projection and analogue sound scanning of both optical and magnetic soundtracks.

We have succeeded in re-designing optical sound readers to special venue types that provide the possibility to choose between red light and white light scanning at user’s discretion with the flip of a switch.. Rosbeek International Cinema Technology offers its services to clients engaged in the preservation of particular cinematographic material and the promotion of film culture in the broadest sense of the word. Whether museum or workshop, permanent or temporary arrangement, in all cases Rosbeek International Cinema Technology enables any project to become a reality with a minimum of hassle. We make informal offers based on data supplied by the client.

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