Global support

Analog film equipment specialist

Ronald Rosbeek, founder and owner of Rosbeek Techniek, passed away in 2021.

This website is a very vivid memory of him and his lifelong work in the cinema industry

Custom parts

Rosbeekcinematech has already created lot's of custom made products for cinema equipment. If you have any special needs for your analog cinema projector let us know, we will find a solution!

Repairs and Revisions

Need to get your analog cinema projector repaired or do some parts need to be revised? Rosbeekcinematech has probably already worked on your brand before, so feel free to contact us!

Product Improvements

Do you not only want to maintain your anlog cinema projector but also benefit from new and improved technology? Contact us and we can discuss custom work on your cinema equipment!

Rosbeektechniek has a vast experience when it comes to cinema equipment. Custom build products, Global Support!

The lifetime of complex devices can be considerably extended by periodically performed repairs and preventive maintenance. We have a very well equipped workshop, but we are also available for on-site repairs.
In the workshop of Rosbeek Techniek old and new technology come together. Analogue-oriented machines in the form of projectors, individual specific parts, scanners and assembly tables in all film formats, exist side by side with state-of-art digital equipment.

Having a special interest in older projection equipment, refined repairs, alterations or completely newly designed components will bring  new life to older machines.

If replacement parts are no longer available, we’re able to manufacture these components in house if necessary, in accordance with applicable specifications.

Officially appointed dealers of major manufacturers, we can provide all the necessary equipment for your cinema and are fully devoted to our customer’s satisfaction an technical requirements.
It’s obvious that in this specific field one cannot adhere to a “nine to five” mentality, so our services are available to our customers at all times.

Rosbeektechniek: "Cannot" is not an option.