Film spools especially designed for use in film archives

Rosbeek Techniek has designed, in cooperation with the Norwegian Filminstituut and the Swedish Film-institute, film spools for use with vulnerable old historical film material.
The spools are constructed in a modulair way and are available in two sizes: 420mm for 900 meter acetaat film and 550mm for 1200 meter acetaat film.
Modern 3-D printing is used for the cores and have metal pins inside to bond both flanges and axle hub’s together.
The spool flanges and the axle hub’s are made of EN AW-5083 high quality aluminium and can be anodized in various colors.
The cores are available for 35mm and 70mm film with a diameter of 200mm.
By using aluminium we gave all spool the lowest possible weight, 900 (35) meter about 1000 gram, 1200 (35) meter about 1540 gram and the 1200 (70) meter about 1720 gram.
Also a split spool is available with 9mm and 1/2 inch spool shaft diameter.